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About us

Aura Emanating Teknology Pvt. Ltd. is one of the ICT solutions, software & storage solution provider for comptimng needs of all Industries and government departments, providing pioneering trunkey solutions. On September 05, 2013, Aura Teknology-Inc. was changed from its proprietary status to Private Limited and become Aura Emanating Teknology Pvt. Ltd.

Aura Teknology-Inc. was founded on 09th September 2003 and executed many IT-projects till September 5th 2013 and journey continued as Aura Emanating Teknology Pvt. Ltd. in the field of ICT.

Our mission is to deliver reliable high performance computing integration & provide sustainable computing resources and services to facilitate the use of high-performance computing that meets the computational research and industrial demands of the HPC community.

Computing continues to be a tool as vital as experimentation and theory in solving the scientific challenges of the twenty-first century. Fundamental to our mission is enabling computational science, in which interdisciplinary teams of researchers/Organizations address fundamental problems in HPC system engineering for computation in the field like global climate modeling, nanoscience, combustion modeling, carbon sequestration, astrophysics, computational biology, political science etc. Its solutions are the industry's highly flexible, scalable and comprehensive for managing change to digital asset and for managing the process of change itself. AURA works with Cutting-edge technology of High performance computing , Web technologies, Open Source technologies, Weather Biotechnology and ERP. AETPL has team of energetic and dynamic professional to fuelled by the ever-revolutioning world of technology and are committed to researching way to enhance the business development of our clients. AETPL provide expert consulting, integration and migration services for open source application and system software for open technology adopting open standard. AETPL has expertise in integration with and for Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) software and implementation on all hardware platforms. For providing weather solutions AETPL has partnership with COROBOR Systems, French Company located in Paris. It supports its clients with a wide range of services, including consulting services, implementation and integration services, outsourcing, learning services, managed services and software support services.

Our Services

HPC Engineering

Optimize HPC infrastructure, minimize costly disruptions with HPC deployment services from AETPL Enterprise Deployment Services. Best practices to efficiently plan, design and implement in HPC solution. Post HPC cluster deployment, keep it running smoothly with our professional HPC Cluster Management services to proactively monitor and manage HPC solution.

HPC Integration in IB and 10G
HPC Cluster Management

HPC Benchmarking for CPU and GPU HPC Application support
Application Library and compiler Management
Parallel Software (MPI) support

o System Administration
o Network Administration
o Database Administration
o Security

HPC-Services:Physical Layer to ApplicationLayer HPC Integration Solution

Deployment Services:

Access to an expert project manager and single point of contact Evaluation and design Validated and tested configurations using industry benchmarks Rack layout engineering and implementation planning Installation, rack-mounting, cabling and connection Knowledge transfer and product orientation from HPC Deployment Engineers

Remote HPC Cluster Management Services:

Priority response for alerts or requests Access to a single point of contact Cluster application support Documentation and knowledge transfer Quarterly performance reporting


GNU Compilers and GNU Debugger For Fortran 90/95 and C/C++ with OEM compilers (Intel, PGI etc.) as per customer requirements will be part of the cluster suite.


HPC Cluster Management Utility

Automated installation and package management can be provisioned with Open Source utility like System imager or equivalent. Red Hat Cluster Suite: Configuring and Managing a Cluster Job Scheduler: HPC cluster schedulers generally implement a queuing system, where the compute nodes are divided into one or more queues and jobs are submitted to the scheduler. These jobs are then run automatically by the scheduler when the required resources become available.

  • TORQUE Resource Manager
  • Sun Grid Engine - Open Grid Scheduler
  • PBS_pro
  • Moab
  • LSF

IM/IT and Software Engineering

Application Software Development High Integrity and Mission Critical
Client/Server Application Software
Software Quality Assurance Management SEI/ISO/HRDC/DoD/IEEE Software
Technical /Business/Enterprise/Data/ Development Standards
Applicant/Infrastructure Architects Content Management
Enterprise Systems Risk Management
Software Configuration and Change Service Maintenance
Management Programmers/Analyst
System / Inform on Analysts Database Analysts/Administrator/Architect /Testing

Management Consulting

Audit and Independent Verification/ Validation Technical/Report Writing Program Evaluation Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
Procurement Strategy and Implementation Business Continuity Planning
Governance Models Facilities and Focus Group Support
Enterprise Architecture / Modeling Enterprise Strategy and Business Case Development
Business Re-engineering Financial Analyses
Market Studies User Requirements
Software Configuration and Change Service Maintenance
Business Modeling Business Architecture
Information Analyst Information Manager


Training Needs Analysis e-Solutions Tool Design and Development
Performance Support Systems Website / Portal Development
Multimedia Content Design and Development Training System Design
Content Management e-Solutions Tool Support
Instructional Design CBT
E-Commerce/E-Business Trainers
e-Solutions Maintenance and Support


Systems Engineering Project Management
Technical Engineering and Maintenance Services (Out-sourcing systems engineering) Training Needs Analysis
Electronics Systems Engineering Design, Development, Deployment and Maintenance Operation of On-Site Technical Facilities
IEEE/ISO/HRDC/DoD Systems Engineering Development of Technical Standards
Design Standards Systems Engineering Reviews
Technical Publications Feasibility Studies
Systems Engineering Integration Cost Scheduling and Performance Measurement
Configuration Management Project Management Specialists
Supply and Provisioning Translation Performance Measurement
Life Cycle Material Management
Independent Verification and Validation
Systems Engineering Design, Development, Deployment and Maintenance

High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster, PRL, Ahmedabad High Performance Computer System for Weather Prediction S/W, SAC Ahmedabad
HPC S/W and application installation

Implementation of IBM Platform HPC (PHPC), Load Sharing Facility (LSF), General Parallel File System (GPFS)

Implementation of OPENMPI, MPI,MPICH,

HPC SW and applications installation and support

High Availability ( ROCKS Cluster) Installation & Configuration of CMS Web Portal

Work Load Manager (PBS Professional) Installation and High Availability Configuration

Installation Job Submission Web Portal ( PBS Compute Manager ) and Job Reporting Portal (PBS Analytics)

Compilation, Installation & testing of Application Software with input data. CCSM Model MOM Model

High Performance Computing (HPC) System, IIT, DELHI
Support For Openmpi, Intel MPI and Mpich Libraries across all the compilers including demonstration of the functionalities of all the three MPI implementation

Weather Domain Large Data Bases & Storages

GTS data decoder (Available in Java, Fortran90, C & C++) DIGMAS (Digital Image and Graphics Analysis Meteorological System)
Decoding the data through decoder written
in Java
Error handling
Data Verification
Data validation
Database design for storing the GTS data as GRIB, BUFR, CREX, and other Alfa numeric data as SYNOP, AMDAR, METAR, CODAR, TEMP etc..
Search engine based on date, time and other weather parameters.
DIGMAS receives data from any other available source such as GTS DATA Server, SADIS, METEOSAT, RETIM, Ethernet/FTP, and Internet DIGAMS provides the meteorologist/forecaster with a platform for meteorological data processing. It ingests, processes, and presents a wide range of data and information for interpretation and forecast generation. The integrated DIGAMS system allows the meteorologist to control vast quantities of meteorological data

Weather Analysis
Aura Imager
e-Discussion Panel
Supports following file formats BMP, GIF, JPEG etc. TIFF, PNG etc. HDF5 Satellite data GRID Overlay on the Image Data overlay, various projections. Display of data in tabular format Image Sub-Setting to Original and Projected Image Histogram Display for entire Image and Region of Selection (RoS) Contrast Stretching on the Image Zooming of Image Density Slicing Functions on the Image Pseudo Coloring on the Gray Scale Images Statistical and Mathematical Analysis of Image data Navigation Information Importing and Display for Earth Location of Image Data Grads based Plotting with Site Dependent customization Grass based Plotting with Site Dependent customization HDF5 Satellite data Image to JPG converter Image Sub- Setting Zooming of Image Image Sub- Setting Image Transposition Histogram Image Broadcast over LAN Multiple Single Screen Image Display Discussion notepad Image Animation Supports following file formats BMP, GIF, JPEG etc. TIFF, PNG etc. HDF5 satellite data analyzer Customization for weather product

Online Examination Software

Online Examination Portal reduces the manual work, maintaining accuracy, increasing efficiency and saving time. For students, it saves time of going far away centers and also they can view their result then and there. AURA has developed Online Exam Software for e-Edge Education Classes e-Edge Education Classes is an institute for quality educations, dedication and devotion for the success in Board exams, Engineering and Medical competitive exams. The primary focus of the e-Edge Education Classes is to enable each student to achieve success in IIT / AIEEE / DCE / UPSEAT & AIIMS / AIPMT / DPMT etc. entrance examinations and other reputed colleges for Engineering and Medical. User friendly web based user interface Detailed analysis Dedicated file storage Secure and structured exam procedure Addition of question is now quick & easy Arrange questions according to subject & topic Real time reporting tool for student Proactive analysis of your organization Add student / trainees quickly


Weather Modeling: Large Data Bases & Storages
  • LAM
  • ETA
  • MM5
  • WRF
  • T80/T170
Biotechnology applications and software’s: BLAST, HMMER, ClustalW, FASTA, EMBOSS, Open Babel (File conversion), Velvet (Short read assembler), Gromacs, SOAP (Short oligonucleotide analysis package), Phred/Phrap/Consed

Databases : PostgreSQL, MySQL
Clustering : Linux Base Clustering

AETPL Warranty Support AETPL Warranty support services covers following support requirements for Datacenters
  • Onsite Support
  • Media Support
  • Licensing Support
  • Bug-Reporting and Fixing
  • Telephonic/e-mail Operational Support
AETPL Premium Support AETPL Premium support services covers following support requirements for Datacenters
  • Onsite Support
  • Media Support
  • Licensing Support
  • Bug-Reporting and Fixing
  • Telephonic/e-mail Operational Support
  • Feature Enhancement Requests* Support
  • Feature Addition Requests* Support

Contact information

Contact Manager:

Santhi Naidhana
306, 3rd Floor, Plot No. 11 LSC Pocket-B, Durga Complex Mayur Vihar Phase II
Delhi - 110 091 (INDIA)
Tel: +91-11-22722301, 43052001

E-mail: corporate@aetpl.org,

Corporate Address:

WZ-242, First Floor
Inderpuri, Near Post Office
New Delhi - 110 012 (INDIA)

Lucknow Address:

3/72, patrakar Puram
Gomti Nagar
Lucknow - 226010 (INDIA)


corporate@aetpl.org sales@aetpl.org techsupport@aetpl.org kumar@aetpl.org


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