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The PostgreSQL database is an immensely successful open source product. Established pedigree and proven reliability make it the ideal platform on which to build an enterprise database system. The PostgreSQL database is the most advanced open source database system available.

PostgreSQL has the following main features:-

  • World's most advanced open source database
  • 25+ years enterprise-class development by a large, independent and thriving community
  • Most secure open source database available
  • Fully supported by EnterpriseDB's own PostgreSQL experts
  • Active world-wide deployments in public and private sector organizations of all sizes and missions

GIS- GEO Information System

PostGIS is a professional tool for managing GIS data. It is fully based on PostgreSQL and provides users with the ability to handle geometric data fast and easily. Cybertec provides support for people who want to get in touch with PostGIS and who have to handle geometric data with unique services and professional assistance.

Government Solution

PostgreSQL is widely used by governments around the globe. It serves many purposes and allows solid and powerful applications to run fast and efficiently. Enjoy the power of true Open Source.

Multiple development platform support

AETPL provides top-level PostgreSQL support to all of our clients using PostgreSQL to drive their businesses. This includes optional 24x7 support. We support ecommerce sites, specialized data-processing systems, data warehouses, content management systems, and more. Whether your application is in Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, Perl, Java, .NET, or C/C++, ATI engineers can make it work smoothly with the Postgres database behind it.

Performance and scalability
Tuning the database and optimizing queries is just the beginning. End Point’s PostgreSQL experts have experience supporting applications in situations ranging from mostly-read web traffic to multi-user ecommerce systems with high transactional load.


Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

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Data Analysis

We are one of the leading software development companies with expertise in web design,Click for Details

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The PostgreSQL database is the most advanced open source database system available.Click for Details

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AETPL ecommerce software contains hundreds of advanced ecommerce features.

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Meterological Solutions

Meteorological Solutions is an air quality and meteorological consulting company.

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Linux Based Clustering

Clusters are the predominant type of HPC hardware these days; a cluster is a set of MPPs.

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Archival & Retrival

Turn data into valuable knowledge that can improve product quality, make business processes more efficient, and drive decision making. * Efficient indexing, annotation and search methodologies help you mine your historical information quickly and effectively. * Long-term, redundant storage puts years of analyzed and raw data at your fingertips.

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