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AETPL supports its clients with a wide range of services, including consulting services, implementation and integration services, outsourcing, learning services, managed services and software support services. AETPL solutions are the industry's highly flexible, scalable and comprehensive for managing change to digital assets and for managing the process of change itself.


AETPL Scientific Imager

  • Supports following file formats BMP, GIF, JPEG etc. TIFF, PNG etc. HDF5
  • GRID Overlay on the Image
  • Display of data in tabular format
  • Image Sub-Setting to Original and Projected Image
  • Histogram Display for entire Image and Region of Selection (RoS)
  • Contrast Stretching on the Image
  • Zooming of Image
  • Density Slicing Functions on the Image
  • Pseudo Coloring on the Gray Scale Images
  • Statistical and Mathematical Analysis of Image data
  • Navigation Information Importing and Display for Earth Location of Image Data

Advance Digital Data Dissemination System (ADDDS)

  • Automatic data collection from multiple data source and application entities.
  • Automatic data conversion to LRIT/HRIT format and data compression.
  • Data Encryption before transmission.
  • Automatic data decryption after reception.
  • Automatic decompression of data and re-conversion from LRIT/HRIT to user format.
  • Automatic data distribution to different data source.
  • Fully integrated monitoring module for transmission and reception quality.
  • Extensive and detailed logging of system of user activities.
  • Configurable settings, data collection and data distribution.
  • Support LRIT and HRIT simultaneously.

AETPL Multi Image Visualizer (MIV)

  • Image Sub- Setting
  • Zooming of Image
  • Image Sub- Setting
  • Image Transposition
  • Histogram
  • Image Broadcast over LAN
  • Multiple Single Screen Image Display
  • Discussion notepad
  • Image Animation
  • Supports following file formats
  • BMP, GIF, JPEG etc.
  • TIFF, PNG etc.

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)


  • School ERP Suite in Windows as well as Linux based campus management software.
  • Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability.
  • It is an Integrated Educational Resource Programme
  • It is completely user friendly school management software.
  • School ERP Suite automatically updates the database during promotion
  • It gives you graphical analysis of the students and teachers performance.
  • It eases budget preparation and financial planning.
  • School ERP Suite helps you manage financial accounting without any paper work
  • Preparation of Annual Confidential Reportt
  • Full fledged Library Management System.
  • Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability.
  • Generates different types of reports
  • Developed using optimized designing and coding to maintain proper speed
  • Compatible on LAN as well as on WEB.

  • Student Registration
  • Student Admission
  • Student Attendance
  • Fee Collection
  • Library Management
  • Time-Table Scheduling
  • Result Processing
  • Result Analysis
  • Hostel Management
  • HR Management
  • Staff Attendance
  • Payroll Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Asset Management

Digital Image and Graphics Analysis Meteorological System (DIGMAS)

The global observing system is composed of a complex array of surface (land and ship) and space based devices (satellites and aircrafts). The data received through GTS is quality checked. DIGAMS is designed on PostgreSQL, an open architecture that works under Unix/ Linux environment, utilizes the power of a server and the flexibility of workstations to execute applications in a transparent computing environment.The integrated DIGAMS system allows the meteorologist to control vast quantities of meteorological data. The modular architecture of DIGAMS accommodates restricting and expansion of the system as new technologies are developed or user requirements change.

  • DIGAMS provides the meteorologist/forecaster with a platform for meteorological data processing. It ingests, processes, and presents a wide range of data and information for interpretation and forecast generation.


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