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AETPL strives to deliver the best in customer care and provides a comprehensive support strategy for all its solutions. Highly experienced and knowledgeable support personnel are available to assist you through every step of deploying and managing the products and applications. Clients can select the level of initial and ongoing service & support required to maximize the return on their investment. AETPL offers customers access to skilled technical resources on a 24x7 support basis for critical cases.
The well-established support processes ensure that the customer gets the best either in the Warranty Period or in the Contract Period.



Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

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Data Analysis

We are one of the leading software development companies with expertise in web design,Click for Details

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The PostgreSQL database is the most advanced open source database system available.Click for Details

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AETPL ecommerce software contains hundreds of advanced ecommerce features.

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Meterological Solutions

Meteorological Solutions is an air quality and meteorological consulting company.

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Linux Based Clustering

Clusters are the predominant type of HPC hardware these days; a cluster is a set of MPPs.

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Archival & Retrival

Turn data into valuable knowledge that can improve product quality, make business processes more efficient, and drive decision making. * Efficient indexing, annotation and search methodologies help you mine your historical information quickly and effectively. * Long-term, redundant storage puts years of analyzed and raw data at your fingertips.

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